At Coastline Tree Service, Inc., we value our client relationships and we work hard to provide exceptional services to all of our customers, so feedback is very much appreciated!

“On Friday, Oct 3, 2014, your Coastline Tree Service workers arrived at our Whiskey Creek, Section 9 Area at 8:00am and swept through the grounds with the precision, efficiency and expertise of  a Military exercise.  All tree branches and debris were picked up and taken away, leaving our neighborhood with a neat and clean park-like setting.  We want to thank all of you for doing such an excellent job and would highly recommend your company.”
~Board of Directors, Section 9, Whiskey Creek, Fort Myers

“I wish to commend the prompt and excellent service that we received yesterday from your great crew of Ryan – the supervisor, Gilbert – the cutter, and Cuba and Ebuardo,the great grounds keepers!
They were fast, efficient, accommodating to our special needs, friendly, and professional! Note the attached photos of Ryan and myself, Gilbert, who was descending like an angel from above, and Cuba and Ebuardo who cleaned-up in a spic n’ span manner!
Also, I commend the excellent service and information from Diana on the phone on a couple of occasions. I would recommend that you give them all a raise OR at least treat them to a good cup of coffee with a Crispy Cream donut!”
~Appreciatively yours, Ron Rand, a Resident at Legends

“Vincent, Thank you so much for always doing a great job for our Home Owners Association at SAV7 in Highland Woods. I have 3 orchids in a tree in front of our home and somehow your employees manage to be careful with them They are always considerate. We very much appreciate the good job you do for us.”
~Lindsay Cornell, Highland Woods Home Owner’s Association, SAV7

“Just wanted to share some good news with you. The compliments are rolling in about the tree trimming improvement. ‘I don’t know of much else we do that improvse the looks of the place like this does.’ Above was from a board member. And another called and was very pleased. Thanks so much, Keep up the good work.”
~Heather Chapman-Wagner, CAM, Suitor, Middleton, Cox & Associates

“I have to say, the guys did an EXCELLENT job when they were here. They were so careful to not hit the house, fence, etc. – I was really impressed! Please feel free to pass along my comments and tell them to keep up the good work. I’ll happily refer Coastline to other people in the future. Thanks again”
~Teresa Mitchell

“Just want to thank you for an excellent job. We couldn’t be happier. The guys were very quick and the clean up was amazing.  Couldn’t even tell they’d been there, not a twig left on the ground. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs tree work done. Our trees are beautiful and we’ve already had 3 neighbors come and tell us how great it looks! ”
~Brenda Vedus, 1417, S. Larkwood Square

“I received the invoice from Coastline Tree Service dated 2/27/2014. I cannot believe how lucky we are to have a company do such a quality job for this price. I guess I am not used to paying for trimming but I feel this is a very fair price for the work that they completed. Especially seeing we had the roof project still going forward. They are very timely. They do a quality trim job. When they are finished you would never know that they were here. Please let Vincent know that he is on the top of our list. We appreciate his professional approach. Thank you Jeannie for getting us hooked up with Coastline.
~Sue Gaudet, Highland Woodse

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