From Homeowners to Homeowner’s Associations, Communities and Property Management Companies, Coastline Tree Services, Inc. is equipped to handle all of your tree care, including planting, pruning, disease prevention, fertilizing, bracing, removal, stump grinding… you name it, our commercial tree service team is here to handle all of your needs, both large and small.

  • Tree Pruning

    Whether it’s a massive tree removal or a meticulous pruning project, Coastline Tree Service, Inc. has the expertise to complete the job.  We are knowledgeable and experieced, we have a certified Arborist on staff, and we are committed to doing the most professional job possible.

  • Tree Planting

    Coastline Tree Service, Inc. provides professional tree planting services to ensure you have healthy trees that will grow to maturity. Our expertise begins with helping you or your community  to select the right trees and shrubs for the right location, with your goals in mind.   We take into account the area and it’s space, the soil, the flora, the water exposure as well as our South Florida climate… our tree experts will properly plant every tree and shrub, from selection to digging the right size hole, preparation of the soil to provide sufficient oxygen, nutrients and water flow, and prevention against fungi and disease.

  • Tree Removal

    When it comes to removing trees, Coastline Tree Service, Inc. has the equipment, the manpower, the expertise and the resources to get your job done quickly and professionally.  We have our own recycling facility too, resulting in cost-efficient disposal of debris, a savings we pass on to our customers!  Coastline Tree Service, Inc. can also help you control and remove invasive, exotic trees and plants from your property.

  • Stump Grinding

    Not only are tree stumps unappealing, but they attract termites and create other problems, like roots extension into your driveway and walkways, yard, garden or home.  They are obstacles in the way of lawn and yard maintenance and hazards creating liability.   It’s important to remove your tree stumps and Coastline Tree Service has commercial grade equipment and a team of professionals to remove any size stump;  we will prune the roots of your trees and leave your property safe and  clean of debris.

  • Root Pruning

    Root pruning can damage trees and should be considered carefully, but is often necessary to maintain or enhance your yard or landscape. Overgrown or roots growing above ground can cause damage to drivewayw, walkways and other structures.  Our experienced team, including a professional Arborist, have the knowledge and training to assess your specific tree situation, make the right recommendation and prune your roots carefully and expertly so as to maintain your tree’s health and future growth.

  • Canopy Reduction

    Although the canopies created by large mature trees can be beautiful, trees may also become hazardous due to their size and can  grow into wires, over buildings and into other trees, becoming a safety threat or even aesthetically undesirable.  At Coastline Tree Service, Inc., we are expert reducting the size of your tree, but preserving your tree’s form and beauty.

  • Mangrove Pruning

    Mangrove Trimming is governed by the Florida Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act of the Florida Statues. The law regulates how mangroves may be altered statewide, including at the local level and provides for professional mangrove trimmers to supervise certain types of trimming to ensure the least damage to the mangrove trees.  Coastline Tree Service, Inc. is licensed with the State of Florida to provide professional mangrove tree trimming, License #14-12273.

    Waterfront property owners often want to trim or remove mangroves to improve their view or change the look of their shoreline. But cutting of mangroves, if not done properly, can hurt or kill the mangroves and damage the environment. According to the Florida Marine Research Insitute, 86% of Florida mangroves have been lost since the 1940s . This loss of mangroves has resulted in a decline in the quality of Florida’s shoreline waterways.

    There are three species of mangrove in Florida:  the black, red and white mangroves. Each species responds differently to pruning and at Coastline Tree Service, we know each species, how to prune them in a variety of ways to maintain the health of the trees, support the natural environment and improve your view of the water.

  • Treatment of the Lethal Yellowing of Palm Trees

    Lethal yellowing (LY) is a palm disease prevalent in Florida landscapes in the southern one-third of the state, affecting Coconut Palms as well as 21 other varieties of palm trees. The spread of the disease has become a huge concern for Homeowners and Property Managers, as these Palms are extremely expensive to replace.

    In Coconut palms, the first symptom LY  is the premature dropping of most or all of the coconuts. The fronds start to turn yellow, beginning with the older ones and continuing toward the younger ones near the center of the crown. The final stage is the death of the very center frond, or bud, causing the youngest unfolded leaf or frond to collapse.

    At Coastline Tree Service, Inc., our experts know how to control lethal yellowing in disease susceptible palms.  Using the right chemicals (OTC) combined with timely injections by a trained technician using the appropriate syringe and receptacle, Coastline Tree Service knows how to successfully control the spread of this disease and save your beautiful Palms.


  • Landscape Design & Installation

    For best results, projects exceeding a certain size do require a professional landscape design, to protect your investment.  A lot goes into a healthy, efficient landscape that will mature properly and we can help you plan for water handling, appropriate sunlight for all your plants, the right mixture of plants that will grow suitably together in the shared soil and ongoing maintenance. Our professional design, installation and maintenance services will take all these factors into consideration and create and maintain a design that keeps your property in immaculate condition for years and years to come.

  • Whitefly Treatment

    Whiteflies are common pests on many ornamental plants, trees and hedges here in Florida and many plants are frequently attacked, such as the allamanda, avocado, chinaberry, citrus, fig, fringe tree, gardenia, gumbo limbo, ligustrum, mango, various palms, persimmon, viburnum, and many annuals. Coastline Tree Service, Inc.  provides expert, licensed professional protection of your plants from infestation of the invasive, devastating Whitefly pests.

  • Insect and Disease Treatment

    According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, each year untold numbers of trees throughout the State are damaged or killed by destructive insects and diseases. And, if values could be accurately placed on the trees destroyed, annual statewide losses would easily reach into the tens of millions of dollars. At Coastline Tree Service, Inc., our team of trained professionals will conduct a careful analysis of any tree, shrub or lawn’s health, gain an understanding of the problem by examining the specific damage symptoms and understanding their causes. Let Coastline Tree Service diagnose the problem, select the proper treatment plan and save your trees!  All of the insect and disease control services provided by Coastline Tree Services will be performed by a Licensed Contractor through the State of Florida.

  • Holiday or Christmas Lights Installation

    Coastline Tree Service, Inc. provides commercial holiday and year-round lighting services in Southwest Florida. Professionally decorate your business for the holiday season with our holiday lights and Christmas decorating service. Get professional lighting installation at its very best, with safe, quality installation and removal. From holiday lighting design, installation, removal and storage, turn your business or home into a wonderland.

  • Total Plant and Lawn Care

    Coastline Tree Service, Inc. can provide homeowners and communities with professional insect and disease management for all of plants, trees, shrubs and lawn, providing peace of mind and protection of the health of your valuable landscape.  No project is too large… we have the equipment and the manpower to maintain the healthy landscape of an entire community or your individual home.   Our professionals at Coastline Tree will visit your property once each month to assess your landscape, inspect your plants, diagnose the presence of insects and diseases, determine if any treatment is required.   Let our professionals monitor your landscape and relieve you of this burden.

  • Specialized Treatment for your Palm Trees

    Palm trees are the quintessential symbol of beauty in our Florida landscape and our sub-tropical environment.  There are over 2,500 different palm tree species in the world and almost all of them can be grown here in Florida.  Each palm tree has specific needs based on the palm variety, soil, location of planting, time of year, weather and other conditions and keeping palm trees healthy and looking their best requires expert care. Coastline Tree Service provides expert care and specialized treatments to keep your palm trees at their best and protect the investment you’ve made in your landscape design. Our professional arborist can assess the needs of each of your palm trees, diagnosis any issues and customize treatments specifically for your property.

  • Custom Blend Fertilizers

    Just like our human bodies, trees, shrubs and lawns need the proper nutrients in order to thrive.  Our South Florida climate can rob trees of the nutrients they need to grow, to fight off disease and to remain beautiful and healthy.  Fertilizer supplies essential nutrients and trace elements, such as magnesium, manganese and iron that are in short supply here in Florida. These elements, as well as the basic nutrients of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, are essential to plant health. Fertilization and irrigation keep plants healthy, giving them the stamina to fight insect and disease invasions.  At Coastline Tree Service, we will formulate just the right blend to meet the specific needs of your trees, we will assess the need for liquid vs. granular fertilizer, whether the tree needs immediate feeding to the root system or a slow release of nutrients over a period of time.  Let our team of professional tree care experts provide the right nutrients for your trees, keeping them healthy and thriving for many years to come.

  • Protection of your Trees from Hurricanes and Storms

    Hurricanes are part of life in Florida, and tree damage is very common. But Coastline Tree Service can make trees on your property or in your community more hurricane-resistant, so that you can worry less when a storm is about to hit and protect the investment in your landscape design.   Year-round care and maintenance will help protect your trees in the event of a storm.  Proper pruning and trimming during hurricane season is very important, maintaining your trees and shrubs with good fertilization and irrigation as well as pest and disease year round will also keep your landscape in the best condition so as to withstand the beating of a tropical storm.

  • Bracing and Cabling of Trees

    Cabling and bracing techniques can be an effective means of extending the life of a tree that might otherwise require removal. Our professional arborists are trained to identify such conditions, and design and install support systems if appropriate.

  • Landscape and Tree Consultations and Diagnosis

    Coastline Tree Service provides a free consultation for both residential and commercial property tree and landscape services.   If you have questions regarding your community, your property, it’s trees, shrubs or lawn care and maintenance, please call Coastline Tree Service today.  We would be happy to come see you, to assess and diagnose the situation at your property, answer your questions and meet your needs in a professional and timely fashion.

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